Name Dr. S. Jyothis
Email sjyothis@cess.ac.in
Designation Associate Professor
Education : Ph.D. (Economics) Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore, M.Phil (Economics) University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram
Lead Author: IPBES deliverable 2c-Global assessment of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Lead Author: IPBES deliverable 2b – Regional assessment of biodiversity and ecosystem services for Asia and the Pacific.

Coordinator, Economic Viability of Small-scale Fisheries (Asia and Oceania Region): Global Partnership for Small-scale fisheries (TBTI), Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada (www.toobigtoignore.net)

Review Editor: Intergovernmental Platform for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, (deliverable 3c) (www.ipbes.net)

Research Interests : Environment and Development Economics
Major/Important Publications
Jyothis Sathyapalan and Sunny George (2015) Governability Challenges in Sustaining Small-Scale fisheries in an Urban Context: A study of Cochin Backwaters, India In Svein Jetoft and Ratana Chuenpagdee, Interactive governance for small-scale fisheries: global reflections, Springer Publishers, Switzerland

Jyothis Sathyapalan and Jeena T Srinivasan (2013). Sustainability. IDFC rural development network. India Rural Development Report 2012|13. Delhi: Orient BlackSwan.

Jyothis Sathyapalan, Jeena T Srinivasan and Joeri Scholtans (2011) Overcapitalisation in Small-scale Fishery, In Chuenpagdee, R. ed. Contemporary Visions for World Small Scale Fisheries. Amsterdam: Eburon Academic Publishers

Iyengar Sudarshan and Jyothis Sathyapalan (2011) “Linkages between Population, Poverty and Environment: An Exploratory Study from Gujarat State, In Deshpande R S, Raju K V, D Rajashekar, (eds)“Development Windows: Essays in honour of Professor V M Rao, Academic Foundation New Delhi

Jyothis Sathyapalan (2010) “Implementation of the Forest Rights Act in the Western Ghats Region of Kerala” Economic and Political Weekly Vol XLV No 30

Jyothis Sathyapalan and Derek Johnson (2008) "Livelihood Security in the Marine Fisheries Sector of Gujarat State, India" In Dev Mahendra and K S Babu (eds) "India’s development: Social and Economic Disparities, Manohar New Delhi and IDPAD

Jyothis Sathyapalan and Sudarsan Iyengar (2006) “Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Changes due to Salinity Ingress and Ground Water Depletion: A study of Coastal Gujarat, India”, In Pushpam Kumar and Sudhakara Reddy(eds) Ecology and Human Wellbeing., Sage Publishers, UK

Jyothis Sathyapalan and K N Ninan (2005) “Ecological and Economic Aspects of Biodiversity Conservation in a Protected Area, India “ In Sengupta N and Bandyopadhyay J (eds) “ Biodiversity and Quality of life” MacMillan, India

Ninan K N and Jyothis Sathyapalan (2005,) “ The Economics of biodiversity conservation: a case study of coffee growing region in the western Ghats of India” Ecological Economics, Vol 55 No 1

Jyothis Sathyapalan (2005) “Household dependence on Protected Forests: Evidences from the Western Ghats” Indian Journal of Agriculture Economics, Vol 60 No 1

Ninan K N and Jyothis Sathyapalan (2004,) “Social Forestry _ A Case Study from Karnataka” In Kadekodi Gopal K (ed.) Environmental Economics in Practice –Case Studies from India, Oxford University Press, New Delhi
Jyothis Sathyapalan Ajoy Bhatt, P S Easa, Jeena T Srinivasan, Nimisha Shukla and Pankti Jog (2014) Livelihoods of Agariyas and Biodiversity Conservation in the Little Rann of Kutch Gujarat CESS Monograph 34.

Jyothis Sathyapalan (2010) Impact of Dry land Salinity on Agriculture and Drinking Water A Study from Gujarat CESS Monograph 14

Jyothis Sathyapalan, Gopinath Reddy M (2010) “Recognition of Forest Rights and Livelihoods of Tribal Communities: A Study of Western Ghats Region Kerala“ CESS Monograph 15

Jyothis Sathyapalan, Jeena T Srinivasan and Joeri Scholtans (2007) " Fishing Fleet Reduction and Its Livelihood Implications: A Case Study of Palk Bay Resource Users in the East Coast of Tamil Nadu, India. (Working Document of FAO and UNTRS)
International Seminars
Jyothis Sathyapalan (2015) Implications of By-catch on Marine Biodiversity: A Case Study from India, IPBES-SceNet Workshop, United Nations University Head Quarters, Tokyo, JAPAN.

Jyothis Sathyapalan (2014) Sustainable gross domestic product from small-scale marine fishery: a study from India, 2nd Small Fisheries Congress 21 – 25th September MERIDA MEXICO

Jyothis Sathyapalan (2011) Challenges and Issues of Indian Small Scale Fisheries TBTI Proposal Building Workshop June 23-24th 2011 Coastal Development Centre Kasetsart University THAILAND

Sathyapalan Jyothis (2011) “Interactions between the Implantation of Forest Rights Act 2006 and the Participatory Forest Management Programmes: A study from the Western Ghats of India', in the 13th Biennial Conference of the International Association for the Study of the Commons (IASC) 10-14 January 2011, Hyderabad. INIDIA

Sathyapalan Jyothis, Jeena T Srinivasan, and Joeri Scholtans (October 17th 22nd 2010) “Role of Incentives in the Management of small scale trawler fisheries: An explorative Study of over capitalisation in the Palk Bay, India” World Small Scale Fisheries Congress, 17-22 October 2010" THAILAND.

Derek Johnson and Jyothis Sathyapalan (2006) The socio-economic context for a weak legal plural interaction: characteristics and individual perceptions of fisheries management in Junagadh district, Gujarat International Congress on Legal Pluralism at Depok, INDONESIA June 2006.

Ninan K N and Jyothis Sathyapalan (2003) “Economics of Biodiversity Conservation: The Case of a Coffee Growing Village in India” in the contributory session of XXV International Association of Agricultural Economists Conference, August 2003 Durban, South Africa and also in the Eighth Biennial Conference of the International Society for Ecological Economics, Montreal, CANADA, July 11-14, 2004

Jyothis Sathyapalan (2000), Willingness to Participate for Biodiversity Conservation. A Micro Level analysis of Eco-Development Project in Periyar Tiger Reserve.” Second International Conference on Environment and Development September 6th to 8th ,2000 Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences – Stockholm, SWEDEN.

Jyothis Sathyapalan (2002), "De facto Access Right and People’s Preference to Conserve Biodiversity at Micro level: A Study from India " in the 2nd World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economist, Monterey, June 24th to 27h, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Major Projects Handled
Ongoing studies

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Networks supported by the Ministry of Earth Science and Belmont Forum

Jyothis Sathyapalan (2013), Fishery Income Accounting of Andhra Pradesh, Sponsored by Government of Andhra Pradesh

Completed Studies

Jyothis Sathyapalan (2014) Economic Value of Biodiversity Loss: A Study of by-catch from Andhra Pradesh Marine Fisheries supported by TEEB India (MoEF and GIZ Germany)

Jyothis Sathyapalan (2012), Value Chain of Brackish Water Shrimp Culture in Andhra Pradesh Supported by Government of Andhra Pradesh

Jyothis Sathyapalan and Srinivasan Reddy (2011), Problems and prospects of development of Common Property Resources and Livestock based Livelihoods through Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS).

Jyothis Sathyapalan (2011) Implementation of Forest Rights Act 2006 and its impact on land tenure security of tribal communities: A Study from the Western Ghats of Kerala State Sponsored by the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), New Delhi.

Jyothis Sathyapalan and Jeena T Srinivasan. Augmenting Livelihood Security of Salt Workers: A Study of Techno-economic Feasibility of Extracting Value Added Product from Wasted Concentrated Brine at Farm Level, the Little Rann of Kuchch, Gujarat,” has been initiated as a cross cutting study across dry lands and river basins.(2010-12).

Jyothis Sathyapalan, Jeena T Srinivasan and Joeri Scholtens, Fishing Fleet Reduction and Its Livelihood Implications: A Case Study of Palk-Bay Resource Users in the East Coast of Tamil Nadu, India. With MARE, University of Amsterdam and SIFFS, Thiruvananthapuram and supported by UNTRS of the FAO. (2006-07).

Jyothis Sathyapalan and M Gopinath Reddy. Recognition of Forest Rights and Livelihood Enhancement under Participatory Forest Management: A Study of VSS and EDCs and its linkages with NTFP issues in Westerns Ghats Region, Sponsored by RULNR

Jyothis Sathyapalan Jeena T Srinivasan and Joeri Scholtens “Fishing Fleet Reduction and its Livelihood Implication: A Case Study of Palk Bay Resource Users in the East Cost of Tamil Nadu, India in collaboration with SIFFS, Trivandrum and MARE, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Sponsored by UNDP and completed in 2007.

Jyothis Sathyapalan “Impact of Salinity Propagation and Ground Water Pollution on Rural Households in the Coastal Areas of Gujarat State in India, Sponsored by Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi and completed in 2007

Derek Johnson and Jyothis Sathyapalan “Co-Operation in the Context of Crisis: Public-Private Management of Marine Fisheries in South Asia” Sponsored by IDPAD through Maritime Research Centre, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands and completed in 2006
Post Doctoral Experience
Guest Researcher 2009, at the Amsterdam Institute of Metropolitan Studies, University of Amsterdam 1st Sept to 30th November 2009.

Guest Researcher 2005, at the Centre for Maritime Research (MARE), University of Amsterdam, under the IDPAD EOS programme (one month in Sept 2005)

Guest Researcher 2007, at the International Centre for Coastal Network (ICN) Memorial University, Newfoundland and Labradore, Canada, under the Shastri Indo Canadian Fellowship (one month July-August 2007
Selected Publications
2008 "Livelihood Security in the Marine Fisheries Sector of Gujarat State, India" In Dev Mahendra and Suri Babu "Indias development even or uneven? Refections on Development theory and Practice, Manohar New Delhi.
Books Published
2007 (Jointly with K N Ninan) Economics of Biodiversity Conservation: Valuation in tropical forest ecosystems EARTHSCAN Publishers,London
Areas Worked
Biodiversity Conservation, Marine Fishery, Forestry
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