Name Dr. P. Padmanabha Rao
Email ppadmanabharao@cess.ac.in
Designation Associate Professor
Education : Ph.D. (Geography), Osmania University, 1989.
Research Interests : Urbanisation, Regional Development, Cartography, Displacement and Rehabilitation, Poverty Alleviation
Major/Important Publications
1."Impact of Drainage on Agriculture and Environment: A Geographical perspective", Published in Studies in Land use Planning and Environmental Management, ed. by. A. Kamalakar Reddy, and Vijaya Bhole, Osmania University Publications, Hyderabad, 2001.
2."Environment and Sustainable Development: A study of Tribal Areas of Andhra Pradesh", Published in A. Kamalakar Reddy, and Vijaya Bhole, ed. As above. OU Publications, Hyderabad, 2001.
3."Socio-Economic Geography", published by Telugu Academy, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, 2001.
4."Dictionary of Geography for High School Students", Telugu Academy, Govt of A P. 2001
5."Development of Non-Conventional Energy Resources of Andhra Pradesh", published in edited volume on "Sustainable Regional Development (with special reference to Andhra Pradesh) ", ed. by. P.V. Sarma , V. Laxman Rao, and C.R. Pathak, Regional Science Association India, and School of Economics , Andhra University, Waltair, 2000.
6."Regional Disparities and Development: A Comparative Study of A.P", published in "Regional Planning and Sustainable Development", ed. by. Amitabh Shukla, 2000.
7."Thematic Mapping for Natural Resource Management: A Study of Non Conventional Energy Resource of A. P", Published in the "Cartographer", No. 18, 2000.
8."Urbanisation in Telangana and its Future Implications", Published in Indian Cities Towards next Millennium, ed. by. R. Rammohan Rao and S. Simhadri, Rawat Publications, New Delhi, 1999.
9."Regional Inequalities and Development: A Comparative Study of A P", Published in "Telangana: Regional Inequalities and Development Alternatives, ed. by. Visweswar Rao and Simhadri, O U, 1997.
10."General Nature of Population and Hosing Problems of Hyderabad Metropolitan City", Published in "Population Problems and a Geographic Perspective", MAEERs MIT, Pune, 1996.
11."Effect of IRDP in Alleviating Poverty: A study of Karimnagar District of Andhra Pradesh", Published in "Indian Journal of Regional Science", Khargpur, 1995.
12."Importance of Maps in Regional Development", Published in Vasudha,1992.
13."Resource Regions of Telangana", Published in Development of India Prospects", ed. by V. Vidyanath and R. Rammohan Rao, 1987, Inter-India Publications, New Delhi.
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